Release Calendar


Lost Letters V3 [FINAL VOLUME] Jan 25
Ten Count V3 Feb 14
Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's Story Mar 14
Finder Deluxe Edition V8: Secret Vow Mar 14
Spiritual Police V2 Apr 11
The World's Greatest First Love V6 Apr 11
Ten Count V4 May 09
Don't Be Cruel: plus+ Jun 13
Finder Deluxe Edition V1: Target in Sight Jun 13
The World's Greatest First Love V7 Jul 11
Am I in Love or Just Hungry? Aug 04
Finder Deluxe Edition V2: Caught in a Cage Aug 08
Ten Count V5 Aug 08
Don't Be Cruel V5 Sep 12
Love Stage!! V7 [FINAL VOLUME] Sep 12
Looking for the Perfect Fit Sep 26
Finder Deluxe Edition V3: On One Wing Oct 10
Jackass! Oct 10
The World's Greatest First Love V8 Oct 10
A Strange & Mystifying Story V1 Nov 14
Void Nov 28
Don't Be Cruel V6 Dec 12
Finder Deluxe Edition V4: In Captivity Dec 12
The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V4 Dec 26