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Posted on Feb 28

We have another two new title announcements for you today! Our first title is Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love (Yume Musubi Koi Musubi) by Yaya Sakuragi. Volume One is set to release in print only in August of 2012, with subsequent volumes releasing quarterly. We currently do not have the rights to publish digital editions for this series, but it’s something we’re working on for the future.


Bonds of Dreams
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love
Yaya Sakuragi

High school student Ao has had a wet dream about longtime neighbor and Shinto priest, Ryomei. He’s taken aback and excited by this dream, and starts to consider the joys of a relationship with another man. Ao approaches Ryomei in the hopes of making his dream a reality, but is flatly refused. Not one to give up easily, Ao persists until he finally gets his kiss. But will this horny high schooler really be satisfied with a simple kiss? Bonus story included!

Yumemusubi Koimusubi Volume 1 © Yaya SAKURAGI 2008
Our second title announcement is a digital-only release. We’re happy to offer one of Makoto Taneno’s newest works, How’s Your Ex? (Wakareta Otoko wa Ikaga desu ka?), which is a one-shot releasing April of 2012.
How's Your Ex?

How's Your Ex?
Makoto Tateno

It took forever for Yoji to get over his ex-boyfriend and former colleague, Tomoe, who suddenly quit the company and dumped him at the same time. But with the merger of their rival companies, Yoji finds himself having to work with Tomoe once again. When Tomoe speaks and touches him as he used to, familiar feelings begin to stir.






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