Posted on Jun 21

It was brought to our attention that a few of the Animate direct-to-Kindle titles that we are offering on our site were not playing nice with Kindle in their PDF format. We have fixed the issue and have uploaded new versions of them for you to redownload. If you noticed any of the following titles were not viewing properly or had bad moire, please redownload the file in your account [click on the title and then download again using the purple download button]:


Cigarete Kisses

Future Lovers V1 & V2

Mister Mistress V1 & V2

Oh My God V1 & V2

Say Please

Two of Hearts


Also, a while back we replaced The Scent of Apple Blossoms V1 with a newer corrected version with less of the art being cut off along the edges. If you're not sure if you have the newest version, it was uploaded on April 27th. 

Thanks to those fans who bring issues to our attention so we may fix them for you. We appreciate yours eyes and that you let us know, giving us the opportunity to make it right for you. :-) If you yourself ever run into any issues, please contact us first so we can get it corrected. You can contact us via email at info AT sublimemanga DOT com or on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks again!


~Jennifer LeBlanc