Posted on Jun 29

Hey everyone!


I recently did a poll asking about our download process, and there were a few people who were unfamiliar with how it works. It seemed like as good a time as any to put together a little instructional post for you. As an incentive, I've also included a FREE download of a sampling of many of our books so you can give it a try for yourself! [179 pages of yummy boys' love goodness!]


I suppose we should start with what kind of file the books are availalbe as. All of our eBooks are in a PDF format. [You can also read the book in the online manga viewer, but more on that in a second.] 



PDF Icon


In order to read a PDF on your computer, you need a program to open it. Most of you are already familiar with Adobe Reader, but if you are not it is a free program that reads PDF files. Feel free to download it here


If you don't wish to read it on your computer, you can also read PDFs on many handheld devices like the Kindle, Nook, iPhone, and iPad as well as many of the other available eReaders out there. 


Really the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Log in to your account [red circle below].


Login Section


2. Chose either PayPal or Amazon as your purchase method and complete the purchase [red box below].


Digital Purchase Options


3. Click the purple "View your purchase as: Download-to-own PDF" button in the red box below. The large blue box is the manga viewer, which is your second option for viewing your digital purchase. This screen shot is exactly what you will see upon a successful purchase. 


Volume Page


That's it! If you'd like to try downloading a test PDF to see how it works, feel free to click the purple button below, which will take you to Mediafire where you can download the PDF to your computer. [Please note that all actual SuBLime books download directly from the SuBLime website, and not Mediafire] This PDF contains a FREE sample from 15 of our titles [179 pages!], so you can also see the quality of the books we provide. 


Download Button


If you're wondering just how to get the PDF onto your Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad or other handheld device, here are some options:


1. The first option is to "side load" the content to your device. All this means is that you connect your device to your computer using the USB cord it came with, go into "My Computer", find your device, and add the PDF to your device there. 

2. The second option is to use a free software called Dropbox. Many of the handheld devices have apps that support Dropbox including:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Nook Color & Tablet
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Plus Dropbox will sync with your computer and all devices, so once you load the file onto Dropbox, you can read it on your computer, iPad, Nook and whatever other device you have Dropbox installed on. I use it to sync my computer and my Nook Tablet and it's wonderful. :-)


I hope this helps! if you have any questions, please let us know so we can do what we can to help. Plus, plenty of fans are using various devices and have seemed more than happy to lend a hand when other fans are in need of device assitance. 

~Jennifer LeBlanc