Posted on Aug 1

Yebisu 3It's 801 Day! I found the boys over at Yebisu Graphics celebrating, so while they were distracted I was able to sneak a few of their goodies to give away today [and some dirty pics, but those are for me]. ;-) In case you're wondering why today is 801 Day or what that even means, here's a quick explanation:

Today is August 1st, or as we write it here in the U.S., 8/01. Still don't get the excitement? Here's a little blurb from Wiki to explain: "Another term for yaoi is 801. '801' can be read as yaoi in the following form: the 'short' reading of the number 8 is 'ya', 0 can be read as 'o' – a western influence, while the short reading for 1 is 'i'."

Get it now? It's Yaoi Day! So to celebrate, I'm giving away a few things:

1 Yebisu Celebrities Encore drama CD

1 Repeat After Me? drama CD [by the same mangaka]

3 digital copies of Yebisu Celebrities V1

10 Yebisu Celebrities large clear files

WOAH! That's a lot of stuff! Who knew those guys at Yebisu Graphics were such hoarders? :-D 

So, what do you have to do for a chance to win some swag? Just chime in below in comments before midnight tonight PST what you're doing to celebrate this fun day and you'll be entered to win one of the above fabulous prizes [open to all countries BUT winners of the drama CDs and books must be 18 years of age!]. Check back tomorrow to see if you're one of the winners!

In case you're wondering what I'll be doing, I'll be right here making more fabulous yaoi 'cause I'm at work and that's what they pay me to do. XD Plus, I don't want you guys beating me up if I don't. T_T

~Jennifer LeBlanc