Posted on Feb 14

...a boys' love haiku! Here are the rules:


1. The haiku MUST follow the three lines of 5/7/5 rule. Meaning it's three lines of poetry with the first line being five syllables, the second line being seven syllables and the third line being five syllables. [EDIT: Sorry, I originally wrote words and I mean syllables. If you posted a submission with words, you can repost if you want to fix it or I will allow it as is. SORRY! I'm a failure.]

2. The haiku must be about boys' love. Dirty haiku are fine. ;-)

3. Only submit your best one. One entry per person maximum. Post entries in the comments section below.

4. This is a global contest, so anyone can enter.

5. Prize will be one copy of the title of your choice in whatever format it's available in. 

6. The number of winners will be based on how I'm feeling at the time I'm reading them. WOW me! :-D 

7. CONTEST ENDS 2/15/13 AT NOON PST. You have a full 24 hours from the time of this post.


Now get writing, and Happy Valentine's Day!




Winner, winner, chicken dinner! We have our winners. Please check to see if your name is listed below. If it is, email me at with your user ID and we will work out the delivery of your prize. Thanks for all your submissions! 






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