Posted on Feb 26

...fanfiction! I'm going to make this easy on you and state that the only restriction is that you must be writing about characters from SuBLime titles. You can even mix and match couples from different books if you want as long as they're from books we've already released. Any word count, any explicitness level... have at it. Here are the rules:


1. Characters must be from already released SuBLime titles.

2. Entries should be in a text document [if we can't open it, we can't read it]. Email entries to:

3. The deadline for all entries is Monday, March 4th, 2013 by noon PST. This contest is open to all countries. 

4. Number of winners chosen will be based on the quality and amount of submissions received. Prizes are in the picture below and will be awarded based on ranking of winners IF more than one winner is chosen. First place will get first pick, second place second pick, etc. 




All books shows are signed by the mangaka.

Drama CDs shown together are sets and will be given away that way.

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