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Posted on Aug 1

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Happy 801 Day! It's time to celebrate our love of yaoi! Be sure to check out all of our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) for different ways of winning some fabulous prizes and sharing your love of the genre. 


Today's website blog contest is as follows. Rules are simple:

  • Answer each question (all answers can be found on our website)
  • Email your answers to:
  • DO NOT post your answers in comments


Let's get started!

1. Find all three "801 Day is SuBLime!" comments on the site (NOT including this one) and tell me where you found them. [EDIT: To clarify, you are looking on this site but NOT in this post at all]

2. What is the file format of our downloadable eBooks? (What kind of file is it?)

3. How much do our downloable eBooks cost on the SuBLime website?

4. Are SuBLime's eBooks region restricted or can anyone in the world buy them?

5. What are the first four eBooks we ever sold?


I have a treasure trove of prizes to give away and I will pick five winners for the blog contest. Some of the prizes I have include signed books, drama CDs, full sets of series, and print books (you must be 18 years old to receive anything considered mature). This contest is open to all countries. Contest ends at 11:59PM PST on August 1st, 2013. 

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