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Posted on Oct 21



It’s that time of year again… time to decorate some pumpkins! This year we thought it would be fun to do a yaoi themed pumpkin decorating contest. We’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out how best to do that. ;-)
  1. All entrants must be 18 years old or older.
  2. Contest is open to all countries.
  3. Objective is to decorate a pumpkin (or pumpkins, multiple are allowed) using some sort of yaoi theme.
  4. We WILL allow other veggies or fruits to be used in place of a pumpkin if you are unable to find one or they are not available in your area (Some suggestions: other squash, zucchini, apples, cucumbers, potatoes, anything you can decorate/carve…)
  5. “Decorating” can include any type of visual manipulation: carving (not required if you are carving challenged!), drawing, stickers/decals, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, bedazzling, etc., and images can include yaoi characters, words, objects, etc. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!
  6. Contest deadline to submit your entry is by 11:59 PST on OCTOBER 30, 2013. Winners will be selected, notified, and announced on Halloween and will have 48 hours to respond before they forfeit their prize.
  7. To submit your entry, email a photo of your entry to from the email you wish to be contacted at. Also include what name you choose to go by publicly (no real names if you don’t want them public).
  8. Winners will get to choose a prize from our prize vault (some prizes included signed tankos, drama CDs, full series sets, print books, digital books…). Winners will be chosen randomly AND based on creativity. Everyone has a chance to win regardless of artistic talent. 
If you have any questions regarding the contest, please submit them below as soon as possible. Thank you! Now enjoy a little history on pumpkin decorating and its origins
(Image source: / supakitmod)
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