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Posted on Oct 22
As some of you are already aware and have enjoyed, SuBLime partnered up with Animate to offer digital editions of some previously published (by another publisher) and now out-of-print English-language yaoi manga.
Our newest batch of these titles include such favorites as Yokai’s Hunger by Bohra Naono, and three from fan favorite You Higashino:
*You may remember that Gay’s Anatomy: Episode Zero was licensed but never released. However, since the previous publisher had already completed the production, we were able to produce a digital edition to finish the series. Although Gay’s Anatomy was released in English first, it is actually considered the second volume in the series, with Episode Zero being the first.
As a reminder, these books were not produced by SuBLime, just the digital version was. Since we did not have a hand in the translation, lettering, editing, or proofing, each volume is as it was originally printed.
Each has a free preview, so feel free to peruse before purchase. Enjoy!
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