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Posted on Dec 5

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A few days ago, we were notified that a certain party on LiveJournal was looking for a new translator for their scanlation of Crimson Spell (yes, we do know who it is, but this isn’t about calling that person out). I can’t tell you how disheartening it is for us to see such a request being made when it is known that SuBLime is providing a legal English-language translation for yaoi fans to enjoy.


Is it possible this person is just completely unaware? Maybe. This is why we are appealing to our readers and to loyal yaoi fans everywhere who want to support this struggling industry. When you, the fans, requested that SuBLime rescue Crimson Spell and similar titles like Embracing Love, we listened and we did. We want to be able not only to continue doing so, but also to continue releasing the newest volumes of these series as they come out. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how difficult that becomes when certain members of the yaoi fandom ignore our pleas and continue to scanlate these titles for reasons unknown.


Please support us and our legal, creator-approved versions of these titles, and please, when you see such behavior, reach out to these individuals and groups so they understand the damage they are doing to the yaoi industry. It is not our desire to take legal action, but if it continues, it is something we will be forced to do. 


Thank you for listening, and to those of you who have continually supported the creators, the publishers, and the many freelancers who help make these books a reality, we thank you. You have truly been wonderful.

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