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Posted on Aug 7



As announced on 801 Day via social media, we now have digital rights to Yaya Sakuragi's Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love and Hide and Seek series. Downloadable PDFs of all volumes of both series are now available here on the SuBLime site.


Within the next two weeks, both series will be available for purchase on e-tailers like Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. As they are made available, we will update the book's page with the e-tailer's link in the "Where to Buy" box under "Digital Edition."   


As I said on Facebook, this is a really big deal for us and the manga industry. It shows that when readers like you are responsible with our downloadable PDFs Japanese publishers notice. Let's keep this positive, forward momentum going and see what else we can get done! :-)


~Jennifer LeBlanc

JULY 2019
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