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Posted on Sep 17

Hello, everyone! We're back from YaoiCon with fresh, new licensing announcements! We couldn't be more thrilled to announce Love Stage!! as well as the sequel to Devil's Honey, Ginger Honey, and two additional digital-only titles, The Night Beyond the Tricorner Window and Special Delivery! Here are all the details:


 photo Love_stage_zpsa04deed9.jpgTitle: Love Stage!!


Author/Artist: Eiki Eiki & Taishi Zaou


Format: Print and Digital


Release Schedule: V1 May 2015; V2 July 2015; V3 September 2015


Other titles by author/artist: Color; Living for Tomorrow; Train*Train











 photo 00047487_XL_zps996f4e1c.jpg

Title: Ginger Honey


Author/Artist: Isaku Natsume


Format: Digital Only


Release Schedule: February 2015


Other titles by author/artist: Devil's Honey (Also published by SuBLime)











 photo 9-259159-c400_zpsb44c5952.jpg

Title: The Night Beyond the Tricorner Window


Author/Artist: Tomoko Yamashita


Format: Digital Only


Release Schedule: March 2015


Other titles by author/artist: Dining Bar Akira; Black-Winged Love













 photo 61hc3v3P-5L_zps49451ec0.jpg

Title: Special Delivery!


Author/Artist: Momiji Akutagawa


Format: Digital Only


Release Schedule: April 2015


*Author's First Title in Print













We also have updates for new volumes of current series:


Embracing Love 2-in-1 V3, Releasing August 2015

Hide and Seek V3, Final Volume, Releasing March 2015

Into Illusion Episode 2, Releasing simultaneous with Japan October 28, 2014

Starting with a Kiss V3, Final Volume, Releasing June 2015


It was great meeting those of you who were able to make it to YaoiCon 2014! Thanks for coming to our panel and stopping by our booth in the Dealers' Room. We hope to be able to see you all again for YaoiCon 2015!


~Jennifer LeBlanc

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