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Posted on Sep 25

Another year, another YaoiCon! And as with every YaoiCon, we have new titles to announce. I think you'll all be quite pleased with this year's selections. We have a new title from fan favorite Bohra Naono as well as the first ever print release for the always amazing Yonezou Nekota! But that's not all we have. We're super stoked to be able to announce Ten Count! All the details are listed below, including a list of new volumes of existing series.


 photo Love_stage_zpsa04deed9.jpgTitle: Ten Count V1 ~ V3


Author/Artist: Rihito Takarai


Format: Print and Digital


Release Schedule:

V1 August 2016

V2 November 2016

V3 February 2017


Artist of the Seven Days series











 photo 00047487_XL_zps996f4e1c.jpg

Title: Don't Be Cruel 


Author/Artist: Yonezou Nekota


Format: Print and Digital


Release Schedule:

V1 2-in-1 Edition June 2016

V2 2-in-1 Edition September 2016

Akira Takanashi's Story December 2016

plus+ March 2017


*To clarify a question asked at the YaoiCon panel about the side stories, all Don't Be Cruel side stories included in the Japanese tankos will be in our English version. Unrelated side stories that are not part of the Don't Be Cruel world will not be.







 photo 9-259159-c400_zpsb44c5952.jpg

Title: Midnight Stranger V1 - V2


Author/Artist: Bohra Naono


Format: Print 


Release Schedule: 

V1 April 2016

V2 July 2016


Creator of SuBLime's Three Wolves Mountain











We also have updates for new volumes of current series:


NightS -Another Night-, Released August 2015

Lost Letters V2, Ongoing, Released September 2015

Sword and Mist V2, Final Volume, Releasing October 2015

The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V2, Ongoing, Releasing November 2015

His Favorite V8, Ongoing, Releasing January 2016

Awkward Silence V5, Releasing February 2016


A big thanks to those of you who were able to attend our panel and visit us at our booth. And yes, the guy who took Mark's hair product did come to the booth! ;-) We hope to see all of you again next year, and maybe I can get "Bishie Mark" to make an appearance at the Bishie Auction.

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~Jennifer LeBlanc

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