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Posted on Jun 25

We've updated the release schedule through the end of the year, and all print titles listed are already available for preorder!



2018 Release Calendar




Ten Count V6Of note (and what you've all been waiting for) is the release of Ten Count V6 in December of 2018... 














 well as our two new series, Escape Journey and Coyote



Escape Journey V1




















And last but not least, and one that may come as a suprise, Shiuko Kano's Punch Up! is back! V5 is slated to release April of 2019 and will contain 1.5 volumes worth of materialall Punch Up! chapters through Act 16, a whopping 242 pages of smut! 


Make sure you give the above schedule a good look as there are other new releases in there I haven't mentioned here. ^_^ 


~Jennifer LeBlanc

JULY 2019
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