Bad Boys, Happy Home
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Bad Boys, Happy Home

Sometimes all it takes is a good fistfight to find true love!

Story by SHOOWA, Art by Hiromasa Okujima | MoreLess about Bad Boys, Happy Home

Akamatsu has problems at home, while Seven doesn’t even have a home. When these two strangers meet, fighting soothes their troubled souls, opening up room for something more.

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Bad Boys, Happy Home Vol. 1

Life sucks, and high school bad boy Akamatsu needs an outlet for his pent-up frustrations. Seven, a homeless guy living in a nearby park, is just the outlet Akamatsu is looking for. Soon, he finds himself heading to the park every day just to pick a fight, even though he never wins. So when Seven ends up kicked out of his favorite sleeping spot, Akamatsu decides there’s only one possible solution to retain his fighting partner—invite Seven home to live with him!

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