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A forbidden romance between a werewolf and a human whose passion conceals a dark secret.

Created by Ranmaru Zariya | MoreLess about Coyote

Coyote, a werewolf, goes through life hiding his true identity. But when a handsome human pianist catches him in heat, forbidden passion explodes.

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Coyote, Vol. 3

Coyote, a werewolf who has lived his entire life hiding his true identity, has unknowingly fallen for Marleen, the successor to a werewolf-hunting mafia family. Upon finding out Marleen’s true identity, Coyote rejects him, feeling hopeless and betrayed. But Marleen is intent on seeing him again and enters the werewolves’ territory alone to look for him. Coyote, wavering between his intense feelings for Marleen and his loyalty to the pack that raised him, wants to trust Marleen—but how can he when it could mean the very death of his kind?

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