Birds of Shangri-La
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Birds of Shangri-La

A straight man takes a job at a gay brothel that has a firm rule of no falling in love. What could go wrong?

Created by Ranmaru Zariya | MoreLess about Birds of Shangri-La

Apollo takes on a rather odd job at a brothel as a way to make some fast cash, but when one of the male prostitutes takes an interest in him, his days of gainful employment seem numbered.

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Birds of Shangri-La, Vol. 2

A paradise of sensuality, Shangri-La is a male brothel celebrating the glories of gay sex—not somewhere you’d expect a straight man to seek employment. Apollo trains as a teaser under the tutelage of Phi, one of the brothel’s famous "birds," and the glimpses of insecurity Apollo sees in him pique his curiosity. One night, a distraught Phi, not wanting to be alone, begs Apollo to stay, but a "just this time" turns into more, and the two break one of the cardinal rules all teasers must follow!

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