Finder Deluxe Edition
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Finder Deluxe Edition

Pain and pleasure collide when a sophisticated underworld boss crosses paths with a naive photographer hell-bent on bringing him down!

Created by Ayano Yamane | MoreLess about Finder Deluxe Edition

This deluxe edition includes never-before-released material as well as a double-sided color insert and special cover treatment! Photographer Akihito Takaba takes on a risky assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld. When he captures its leader—the handsome, enigmatic Ryuichi Asami—in the crosshairs of his viewfinder, Takaba’s world is changed forever.

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Deluxe Edition

Finder Deluxe Edition: Honeymoon, Vol. 10

Akihito has been searching for Asami in Hong Kong, and after months apart, they are finally reunited. But things can never be easy for these two, and the helicopter they’re in crashes! When the star-crossed lovers come to, they find themselves stranded on a desert island, surrounded by paradise! Never ones to pass up an opportunity, the two quickly make up for lost time, temporarily forgetting their dire straits.

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