sublime faq


  1. Licensing

    Do you take license requests?

    Of course! You can add your favorite titles to our fan wishlist in this form

    How do you decide what gets licensed?

    We compile all of your licensing requests and discuss them monthly. In addition to that, we read many BL manga magazines to see what is new and fresh. We are lucky to have many BL fans on staff who can also read Japanese and provide valuable and varied opinions on the various titles we are considering.

    Will you ever publish novels?

    It is currently not our intention to publish novels as they are very costly to translate and do not sell as well as BL manga do. If we ever publish one, it will be a special case and not something we will do on a larger scale.

    Do you have plans to license my favorite manga?

    Maybe! But we’ll never tell! It’s considered bad business to openly discuss licensing plans, and it could lead to us losing the opportunity to license said book.

    Would you consider licensing manga from countries other than Japan?

    It is difficult to do that for many reasons—one being that we must set up a licensing agreement with a new publisher and in a language we are not equipped to handle.

    Do you intend to license the next volume of this series you have licensed?

    It is always our intention to finish a series. As long as we’re able to license it, we will continue to do so.

    Do you censor your English releases?

    No. We are actually licensing more and more titles uncensored if we can get the okay to do so.

  2. Purchasing

    How do I buy print editions from your website?

    We only sell digital titles directly from our website. If you wish to purchase a print edition, we include links to retailers on each book’s page. If you are purchasing internationally and are unable to find our books locally, The Book Depository ships to many countries for free.

    What file formats are your digital books in?

    SuBLime sells download-to-own PDFs and EPUBS of our books right on our website. By purchasing directly from us and not a retailer, more of your financial support goes directly not only to us but to the creator as well. We also offer our digital editions on eBook retail sites like Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Kobo and Google Play.

    I just purchased my first digital book from you. Where do I find it/how do I download it?

    On the book’s page where you made your purchase, you should now see both a “read” button and below it two “download” buttons. If you wish to read your book in our manga viewer, click the “read” button and the viewer will pop up. If you wish to download either a PDF or EPUB file, click the “download” button, which will then prompt you to save the file to your computer (make sure your pop-up blocker is not blocking our website, though).

    Why is this certain title not on/no longer available on Kindle?

    Unfortunately, Kindle is the one eBook retailer who will remove books for content. If it is not available on Kindle, that would be the only reason. However, our ebook files are readable on most Kindle devices (just confirm yours can read them), so you always have that as a backup option.

    I bought one of your manga and found a printing issue. What should I do?

    All of our books are returnable, so please first try to get a replacement from your retailer. If you continue to have issues, you can contact us directly at

    I’m a retailer and I’m interested in carrying your books in my shop. Who should I contact?

    Please contact us directly at and we will direct you to the proper wholesale distributor for your country.

  3. Working with/for SuBLime

    I’d love to work for SuBLime! How do I do that?

    If you’re a college student looking for an internship, you can check Viz Media’s internships page for any opportunities. Letterers proficient in InDesign, capable of doing quality full SFX retouch, and a master at hitting publishing deadlines are welcome to submit examples of their work to us at We are not currently recruiting for any other positions at this time. 

    Can I submit my original story to you for publication?

    SuBLime is not open for submissions, nor do we publish original works at this time.

    We’re interested in talking to you about sponsoring our convention/speaking at our library. Who should we talk to?

    Feel free to reach out to us at