Don't Be Cruel
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Don't Be Cruel

When a playboy falls for a nerd, chemistry results in an explosive reaction!

Created by Yonezou Nekota | MoreLess about Don't Be Cruel

Playboy Maya catches studious Nemugasa cheating on a test, and to ensure his silence, Maya blackmails Nemugasa into doing whatever he wants! But is this merely just a ruse so Maya can spend more alone time with him?

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Don’t Be Cruel, Vol. 11

Maya’s new neighbor ends up being one of Nemugasa’s cram-school students, and he just heard Nemugasa and Maya going at it all night! Mortified, Nemugasa avoids staying at Maya’s place, and when he finally explains why, Maya gives him a gentle scolding. Can Nemugasa get over the horror of what’s happened, or will their newfound alone time at Maya’s apartment become a distant memory?

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