Love Stage!!
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Love Stage!!

Story by Eiki Eiki, Art by Taishi Zaou | MoreLess about Love Stage!!

Izumi Sena is an average guy born into a family of famous celebrities. A college student and total otaku, he works hard every day with the goal of someday becoming a manga creator.

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Final Volume!
Final Volume!

Love Stage!!, Vol. 7

In an attempt to hide from his stalker, Izumi moves in with Ryoma. The two enjoy home-cooked meals, baths together, and steamy action between the sheets! It looks like smooth sailing for these two—that is, until Izumi decides he wants to top Ryoma! Freaked out and unsure what to think, Ryoma beats a speedy retreat. Separated, the two give serious thought to what it means for a man to love another man. Could this spell the end for this showbiz couple?

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