New Title Announcements! 2/24/17

By Jennifer LeBlanc February 24, 2017

This past Valentine's Day we shared the love by announcing the following three new titles on Twitter! 


 photo Jackass Cover_zpspfcjbk4u.jpgTitle: Jackass!


Author/Artist: Scarlet Beriko


Format: Print and Digital


Release Schedule:

October 2017 (one-shot)


First English print release for Scarlet Beriko!













 photo A Strange and Mystifying Story Cover_zpsnfhwiay8.jpg

Title: A Strange and Mystifying Story V1 ~ V7


Author/Artist: Tsuta Suzuki


Format: Print and Digital


Release Schedule:

V1 November 2017

V2 February 2018

V3 May 2018

V4 August 2018

V5 November 2018

V6 February 2019

V7 May 2019

*This is a license rescue, and we will be releasing all seven volumes of the series and providing new translations. 









 photo Am I In Love or Just Hungry_zpslqnbu01p.jpg

Title: Am I In Love or Just Hungry?


Author/Artist: Akane Abe


Format: Digital Only


Release Schedule: 

July 2017 (one-shot)















Let us know what you think in comments!


~Jennifer LeBlanc