Title Announcement 8/3/17

In honor of our 801 Day celebrations this week, we've been holding back on announcing one of our new titles until now! 

By Jennifer LeBlanc August 03, 2017

Looking for the Perfect FitWe're super excited to announce that we've licensed Noboru Takatsuki's newest work, Risou no Are, Sagashitemasu, which we've titled Looking for the Perfect Fit. This is a digital-only release and will be available for purchase on September 26, 2017. 

"At a rather salacious masquerade party where VIPs and celebrities alike have gathered, businessman Kamiya encounters a magic wand he can't forget! Hoping to once again submit himself to its magical abilities, Kamiya recruits the help of his ever-present stone-faced secretary, Tachibana, to find the mystery man who possesses it. Just who is the man behind the mask with the wand from beyond, and does Kamiya have a chance of finding him?"  

Oku-san’s Daily Fantasies You may remember this creator from her prior work with us, Oku-san's Daily Fantasies , which is available right here on our site

"Oku-san is a normal office worker who has one joy in life, to fantasize about his local deliveryman, Sudo-kun. To feed his fantasies and his desire to see Sudo-kun, Oku-san habitually shops online filling his room with useless and sometimes very erotic things. It’s all pretty harmless until one day his neighbor Yokoshima finds out about his secret hobby. Caught between two hot guys—at least in his mind—will Oku-san be able to fantasize his way out of this one?"

In my opinion, Oku-san's Daily Fantasies is one of the funniest titles, if not thee funniest we have, and I don't think Noboru Takatsuki's newest work will disappoint!