Candy Color Paradox
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Candy Color Paradox

Reporter Onoe and photographer Kaburagi constantly bicker and argue on their stakeouts, but will their antagonistic behavior paradoxically evolve into something sweeter?

Created by Isaku Natsume | MoreLess about Candy Color Paradox

Satoshi Onoe, a reporter for a weekly magazine, has a new stakeout partner, and he’s anything but thrilled about it. Photographer Motoharu Kaburagi’s unconventional reporting methods and overall bad attitude are enough to drive Onoe insane. But the more the two work together, the closer they get.

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Candy Color Paradox Assorted Pack

Onoe and Kaburagi have had some rough patches in their relationship as these opposites navigate their unlikely love—but their bond is paradoxically stronger than ever. In true tabloid style, this compilation of never-before-seen Candy Color Paradox side and bonus stories spills all the juicy details of their romantic life. Includes a 16-page color gallery with exclusive illustrations and comic shorts!

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