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Lost Letters

Created by Sakae Kusama | MoreLess about Lost Letters

University student Hirose Kiyotaka finds a love letter tucked into the pages of a borrowed book. While attempting to return the letter, he encounters the charismatic Hanashiro Seiji and quickly becomes involved with him. As their tentative relationship develops, however, he finds himself wondering how serious Hanashiro’s feelings for him really are. Meanwhile, the letter falls into the hands of Hanashiro’s colleague Sawa Jinichiro, who entraps its writer, Arihara Mineo. Sawa’s actions are seemingly ruthless, but his true motives regarding Arihara are far from clear. The second volume in Sakae Kusama’s Lost Letters series, and the sequel to The Match Seller.

The Match Seller contains chapters 1 - 8 of Lost Letters
Lost Letters V1 contains chapters 9 - 17
Lost Letters V2 contains chapters 18 - 23
Lost Letters V3 contains chapters 24 and up and is the final volume of the series.

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Lost Letters, Vol. 3

The long-awaited conclusion to the tender, bittersweet saga that began with The Match Seller. Four men’s lives are upended by a single love letter: the charismatic publisher Hanashiro, the kind (if dense) student Hirose, Hanashiro’s gruff colleague Sawa, and Arihara, who sent the letter that started it all. As they unravel the thread of destiny that ties them together, they take their first, tentative steps towards their future happiness. Also included are “Tokyo March,” the story of how Hanashiro and Sawa met, and a previously unpublished coda set a few years after Lost Letters.

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