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Love Pistols

Created by Tarako Kotobuki | MoreLess about Love Pistols

Norio Tsuburaya is just your average, regular high school student—until the day when he drives his scooter into a garden wall and wakes up with the ability to see zoomans! His eyes aren't the only things affected—his pheromones are working overtime, and all the hot beast breeds at school are looking to mate... with HIM! Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, his heavyweight schoolmate, Kunimasa, "marks" Norio as his! What's an in-demand premium to do?

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Love Pistols, Vol. 10

Love is a battlefield! Language arts teacher Issa Kanamori had to get a pheromonal block in order to withstand all the raging pheromones at the high school where he works. But his growing attraction to student Issei Kagashi is starting to test the limits of his expertly applied and maintained block. Now all that pent-up lust has turned him into a ticking time bomb! Can Issei’s love save his teacher before it's too late?

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