Punch Up!
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Punch Up!

These construction workers like to play with their tools!

Created by Shiuko Kano | MoreLess about Punch Up!

High-flying architect Maki Motoharu loves looking at hot guys, and where better to find a lot of good-looking, well-toned hotties than a construction site? But after one visit, Motoharu winds up with an unexpected commitment. Ironworker Ohki Kouta is young, foul-mouthed, and not at all Motoharu's type!

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Punch Up!, Vol. 7

The building industry is in chaos due to an unprecedented scandal. Mibu, a gifted architect, has left his mentor, the famed architect Shibusawa—both professionally and personally. Now Motoharu, Shibusawa’s former disciple who harbored a crush on Mibu, is up to his eyeballs in work and his own emotional turmoil. Motoharu doesn’t want to burden his lover Kouta with it all, but Kouta has other plans!

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