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Sword and Mist

Created by Hayate Kuku | MoreLess about Sword and Mist

Zhen, a Wolf assassin, meets a beautiful courtesan while in pursuit of his latest target. Thinking she may be useful, he uses her to get closer to his quarry only to find out that “she” is actually a “he”—another Wolf assassin named Wu. What will happen to the two rivals now that they’ve flirted and even kissed?! It’s assassin on assassin as the Wolves grapple with their destiny and each other.

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Sword and Mist, Vol. 2

Zhen and Wu are Wolves—assassins who target the corrupt and criminal. Technically work rivals, they somehow still find time to get friendly between the sheets! Unfortunately for Wu, Zhen has decided it’s best he sticks to the Wolf’s creed and spurn love entirely. Then one day, fliers start going up around town seeking revenge with Zhen as the target. Will he still follow the Wolf’s creed if it now means giving up his life?

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