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Yebisu Celebrities

Created by Shinri Fuwa & Kaoru Iwamoto | MoreLess about Yebisu Celebrities

Haruka Fujinami is a struggling college student looking for work when one day he lands a dream job working for design firm Yebisu Graphics. Nicknamed “Yebrities” for its pool of highly talented and very handsome designers, it doesn’t take long for Haruka to figure out his new boss may have spotted more in him than just talent. What’s a part-timer to do? Includes bonus four-panel comics and prose story, Shower, written by Kaoru Iwamoto.

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Yebisu Celebrities, Vol. 5

Is Yebisu Graphics shutting its doors?! The president of Castle Watch—Boss’s father—falls ill and wants his son to take over the company. Haruka accidentally overhears the matter being discussed and becomes anxious when Boss continues to remain silent about it. Will boss help his ailing father, or will he stay with the company he put so much of himself into? Volume includes bonus manga and short story as well as the color splash pages from the magazine run. Please join us for the grand finale of the Yebrities saga!

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