2020 Title Announcements

Our newest licensed titles, with more to come!

By Jennifer LeBlanc August 27, 2020

In case you missed our various social media announcements, here is a combined list of all the titles SuBLime has licensed in 2020. All titles are available in print and digital! You can find their various release dates below.


~Valentine's Day Announcements~


 Birds of Shangri-La 
by Ranmaru Zariyu

V1 November 2020

A straight man takes a job at a gay brothel
 that has a firm rule of no falling in love.
 What could go wrong?




by Ryo Suzuri

V1 February 2021
V2 August 2021

Makoto summons a demon to grant his every
twisted desire, and in exchange for getting to eat
the demon's guts, Makoto will give him his life!



~801 Day Announcements~


  Dick Fight Island
by Ike Reibun

V1 May 2021

Eight mighty island warriors battle
 to become king. The deciding factor?
 Who comes last, of course!