2019 Title Announcements

9 amazing new titles!

By Jennifer LeBlanc August 26, 2019

In case you missed our various social media announcements, here is a combined list of all the titles SuBLime has licensed in 2019, starting with our most recent 801 Day announcements. All titles are available in print and digital! You can find their various release dates below.


~801 Day Announcements~


by Natsuki Kizu

V1 February 2020
V2 May 2020
V3 August 2020
V4 November 2020
V5 February 2021



by Scarlet Beriko

V1 July 2020
V2 October 2020





 Secret XXX
by Meguru Hinohara

One-shot April 2020






Therapy Game
by Meguru Hinohara

V1 June 2020
V2 September 2020





 Caste Heaven
by Chise Ogawa

V1 March 2020
V2 June 2020
V3 September 2020
V4 December 2020




Liquor & Cigarettes
by Ranmaru Zariya

One-shot January 2020






~Valentine's Day Announcements~     

Fourth Generation Head:
 Tatsuyuki Oyamato
by Scarlet Beriko

One-shot August 2019





Yarichin Bitch Club
by Ogeretsu Tanaka

V1 November 2019
V2 February 2020
V3 May 2020




Seven Days: Monday–Sunday
by Venio Tachibana & Rihito Takarai

One-shot 2-in-1 Edition December 2019