Love in Limbo
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Love in Limbo

A poignant story of love and atonement in the afterworld.

Created by Haji | MoreLess about Love in Limbo

Calen, the new reaper in Limbo, develops feelings for his purehearted caretaker, Makoto. But can love flourish in a place where even existence can be fleeting?

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Final Volume!
Final Volume!

Love in Limbo, Vol. 2

New reaper Calen has spent many a peaceful day with his friend and lover Makoto, protecting the people of Limbo. But one day, the time for Makoto’s father to be reincarnated arrives. Once he is gone, the power sustaining Makoto—who is nothing more than an animated clay doll—will cease to exist. Will his precious love’s dissolution looming, will Calen find a solution or be forced to watch as Makoto returns to dust?

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