Midnight Stranger
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Midnight Stranger

A supernatural fantasy series about the love between a god and his young spirit servant.

Created by Bohra Naono | MoreLess about Midnight Stranger

Roi, a black goat spirit, is getting bullied when out of nowhere he’s rescued by the beautiful fire god Xiu. Xiu gives Roi the ability to take human form, and a grateful Roi decides to serve Xiu as his new master.

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Final Volume!
Final Volume!

Midnight Stranger, Vol. 2

Goat spirit Roi is in love with his master, the beautiful fire god Xiu. He knows he shouldn’t have those kinds of feelings and so is shocked when Xiu suddenly tells Roi he feels the same for him. Roi hopes that their peaceful everyday existence will continue undisturbed, but then he gets attacked by a demon. Injured in a way that prevents him from maintaining his human form, Roi is forced to return to his ugly goat form. Unable to go back his master's side, what will Roi do?

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