Love Nest 2nd
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Love Nest 2nd

Longtime creator Yuu Minaduki’s Sayonara Game spin-off about heartbreak and fresh starts.

Created by Yuu Minaduki | MoreLess about Love Nest 2nd

Masato, once bitter and alone, used to spend his time wreaking havoc on other people’s happy relationships. But now he’s too busy being a homemaker with his roommate-turned-lover, Asahi. Unfortunately, their secret relationship seems to have secrets of its own, and Masato just might find himself missing the predictability of single life.

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Love Nest 2nd, Vol. 2

The year-end holidays have arrived, and Masato is finally bringing Asahi home to meet his mother…as a “friend.” Encouraged by memories of his mother telling him to live life how he wants to, however, Masato decides he will someday confide in her the truth about his relationship with Asahi. But as Asahi watches over this positive change in Masato and realizes just how important he’s become to him, trauma from Asahi’s own past bubbles up to torment him.

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