Megumi & Tsugumi
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Megumi & Tsugumi

A tough-guy omega who believes he can control his heats through sheer willpower meets his match when he faces off with an alpha unlike any he’s ever encountered before!

Created by Mitsuru Si | MoreLess about Megumi & Tsugumi

Tsugumi is an omega whose sole goal in life is to beat up any alpha who crosses his path. But when he faces off with Megumi, he’s finally met his match—just not in the way he thinks!

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Megumi & Tsugumi, Vol. 4

Alpha Megumi and omega Tsugumi are now a true-blue couple looking to take the next step in their relationship, but Megumi’s dad is still not on board with his son dating an omega. To make matters worse, there’s another alpha— masquerading as a beta—who’s been sniffing around Tsugumi, trying to make him his mate! Megumi thinks he’s come up with a plan to solve all these problems, but before he can bring it to fruition, he and Tsugumi get in a fight!

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