Therapy Game Restart
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Therapy Game Restart

Sparks continue to fly in this Therapy Game sequel where Shizuma and Minato learn to navigate commitment—in both work and love!

Created by Meguru Hinohara | MoreLess about Therapy Game Restart

Shizuma and Minato are officially a couple. But Shizuma—now a resident veterinarian—is so busy he barely has time to catch his breath, let alone go on a date. When he finally manages to find time for Minato, the universe intervenes once again, and he learns quickly that his feisty new beau is not to be ignored!

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Therapy Game Restart, Vol. 4

Minato has been tying himself in knots over Shizuma’s relationship with the director of the animal hospital where he works, but his lover is able to ease his mind and convince him she is of no threat to their relationship. The couple shelves the issue and gets back to apartment hunting, and before long they luck out in finding a place they both like! Will they finally get to live together, or does the universe yet again have other plans?

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