Important Title Updates

Some important updates regarding our September boys’ love releases as well as a Don’t Be Cruel Kindle update.

By Jennifer LeBlanc September 11, 2020

Hello, everyone!

We have some updates regarding Therapy Game V2, Caste Heaven V3, and the Don’t Be Cruel series.

Therapy Game V2 released this month, and unfortunately, there was a duplicate page, which led to a missing page. We have halted distribution and are in the process of reprinting the book. However, it will take at least 6 weeks before those books are back in retail stores for purchase (every retailer is different due to shipping times/country of location, so I can't give exacts). The digital edition has already been fixed and will feed out automatically to your device. The PDF was *not* affected. In the meantime, if you wish to receive a new print book, please return your current book as defective and do so within the return window for the retailer you have purchased it from. Defective books are returnable. When the reprint is available at retailers, I will announce via social media as well as here on the blog. Thank you for your understanding, and we’re very sorry this happened!

If you wish to keep your book (some have told me they’d like to), here is the missing page so you know what you’re missing. Don't read it now if you haven't read the book yet so you don't spoil yourself. :-)

 Missing Page 149

Our other September release, Caste Heaven V3, is on its way to retailers right now! There was a date mix-up somewhere and the books didn’t leave the warehouse, but that has been remedied. Your preorder should be filled as soon as the retailer you ordered from receives its stock.

In addition to these unwelcome surprises, we’ve also been informed that the entire Don’t Be Cruel series has been, for now, temporarily pulled from Kindle. If the series gets reinstated, we will notify you through social media and here on the blog.

Now then, if someone would like to lift the 2020 curse that has been placed upon us, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)