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Rookie editor Ritsu Onodera has no interest in manga, but when he applied for a job at Marukawa Publishing, not only did he get assigned to the shojo manga department, it turns out his boss—hotshot editor Masamune Takano—is his first love from high school! Just being around Masamune is enough to throw Ritsu for a loop in both his work and private life, and Masamune isn’t helping by insisting he’s still in love with Ritsu. To complicate matters further, Takafumi Yokozawa—Masamune’s best friend and the infamous “Raging Bear” of sales—declares Masamune belongs to him! Will Ritsu really turn his back on his first love?

By Shungiku Nakamura
Release July 14, 2015
ISBN 978-1421579177
Length 178 pages
Age Rating   Mature