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by Tomoko Yamashita
Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn’t have, since what he sees usually terrifies him. Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to fear anything, mortal or otherwise. When this odd couple gets together to solve the bizarre cases that come their way, their work methods may not be entirely safe for work!


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The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V2
Tomoko Yamashita
volume 2
The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V3
Tomoko Yamashita
volume 3
The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V4
Tomoko Yamashita
volume 4

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The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window V2
When exorcist Hiyakawa and his assistant, Mikado, discover the remains of a curse at a murder scene, the only clue they have to the caster’s identity is the name “Erika Hiura.” Later, while investigating an incident at a girls’ school, they finally come face-to-face with their mysterious quarry. Although Hiyakawa is stunned to find that Erika is just a high-school student, he’s even more disturbed by the instant, powerful attraction felt between Erika and Mikado—a bond he’s determined to break, at any cost.
212 Pages

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