Release Calendar


Husband, Honeymoon V1 Jan 31
Love Pistols V1 Jan 31
Oku-san's Daily Fantasies Jan 31
The Bed of My Dear King Jan 31
Devil's Honey Feb 14
Love Pistols V2 Feb 29
Delivery Cupid Mar 08
Future Lovers V1 Mar 08
Future Lovers V2 Mar 08
Mister Mistress V1 Mar 08
Mister Mistress V2 Mar 08
Husband, Honeymoon V2: Dripping Honey Edition [FINAL VOLUME] Mar 13
The Scent of Apple Blossoms V1 Mar 30
Yebisu Celebrities V1 Mar 30
The Night Before the Wedding Apr 10
How's Your Ex? Apr 30
Cigarette Kisses May 03
Pet on Duty May 03
Say Please May 03
Two of Hearts May 04
Golden Cain May 07
Love a la Carte May 07
Oh My God! V1 May 07
Oh My God! V2 May 07
Selfish Love V1 May 07
Selfish Love V2 May 07
Do You Like Me? May 08
Love Pistols V3 May 08
Honey Darling Jun 12
Three Wolves Mountain Jun 12
The Scent of Apple Blossoms V2 Jun 26
Yebisu Celebrities V2 Jun 26
Awkward Silence V1 Jul 10
Punch Up! V1 Jul 10
Drops of Desire Jul 24
sweet pool V1 Jul 24
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love V1 Aug 14
Starting with a Kiss V1 Aug 14
Love Pistols V4 Aug 28
His Favorite V1 Sep 11
The Scent of Apple Blossoms V3 [FINAL VOLUME] Sep 25
Yebisu Celebrities V3 Sep 25
Punch Up! V2 Oct 09
Awkward Silence V2 Oct 23
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love V2 Nov 13
Starting with a Kiss V2 Nov 13
Love Pistols V5 Nov 27
sweet pool V2 Nov 27
His Favorite V2 Dec 11
Yebisu Celebrities V4 Dec 18